Welcome to AccidentalFish Application Support

This project is a lightweight framework that provides a set of common application development patterns as a set of dependency injectable components. It is built to support a continual delivery / automated deployment approach to development through it's configuration and settings systems. Although a lot of the patterns are abstract some of the implementations (queues, topics, subscriptions and table storage) are only available as Azure implementations.

The framework is in use in numerous projects and continues to evolve as it is in active development.

Getting Started

You can find tutorials to help get you started here.

The easiest way to get started is to install the NuGet packages and information on them can be found here.

Finally an API reference is also available.


I'm currently having a bit of a documentation push and it should start to appear here over the coming weeks.

Support or Contact

If you're having trouble or think you've found a bug then the best place to get in touch is through GitHub Issues and I occasionally post on my blog Azure From The Trenches about it.